About Us

TAMAUDIO Since 2008

Back in 2008, Jeffrey Tam was having a day job as a software engineer in a multinational corporation. He was also an electronic DIYer, audiophile and music lover. As a hobby, Jeffrey spent a lot of time making affordable but high performance DIY Hi-Fi modules and equipments.

Soon after Jeffrey started selling his products on eBay, those devices became very popular and welcome by the audio community because they were surprisingly good with unbelievable low price.

At the very time, Jeffrey decided to build TAMAUDIO as a business, who will bring high quality and affordable audio products to the world.

Our Passion

We love music, electronics and audio technology. We are passionate of putting everything together into great products. We are also exciting about finding the best local audio brands and present them to the world.

Contact Us

We are currently based in China, the center of global electronic manufacturing.


United States: +1 (408) 372-8660
Rest of World: +86.178.9886.9659

518 Xinjiang Road, 3-138
Shanghai, China 200003